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Diego Agulló (Madrid, 1980) presses fresh orange juice every morning.

On 1998, having a background in football and Tae Kwon Do he studied for 6 years philosophy at the university in Madrid, where he focused his research on the relationship between arts and philosophy. During that time he got involved in the practice of music improvisation, sculpture and painting. He is co-founder of En Busca del Pasto, a project for musical improvisation.

On 2005 he moved to Berlin where he started working with video as a freelance artist and 2 years later as a performer and choreographer after a fortuitous and inevitable encounter with contemporary dance.

SInce 2007, Diego organizes the event CUE, which has been activated in around 70 editions in different cities in Europe.

Diego´s main practice is the game of dilettantism that he explores through his work traversing disciplines and passes through different medias and formats such as choreography, performance art, participatory events, sound installations, texts, films, photography, workshops...

Currently he is working on the following projects: The Humping Pact, The Circles of the Dragon Video Series and the book The Mischievous Mission that will published at the end of the year. He teaches Crossing Boundaries studies at Smash Berlin Intensive Program.

It´s now or never. Day by day.


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