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  1. Touch Designer Tutorials

    by Richard Burns subscribed to

    3 Videos / 130 Followers

    A simple tutorial series on how to use Derivatives Touch Designer.


    by Cesar San Bruno subscribed to

    46 Videos / 277 Followers

    3dscenica wants to show everybody its building projections work in the way to obtains reponses about its quality and effects. We will be glad to response any question about our work, how we made,…

  3. MAD Center | Escuela Audiovisual y Multimedia

    by Do not Disturb subscribed to

    74 Videos / 12 Followers

    Playlist de los videos que mas nos gustan, noticias interesantes, mapping, instalaciones interactivas, eventos y concursos.. Para más información visita la web: www.madcenter.es MAD…

  4. peyote visual

    by huseinpeyda subscribed to

    131 Videos / 26 Followers

    peyote visual will return to the the words "contains excavation results from vimeo archive of downloadable abstract and experimental videos and some other things" currently is a search for…

  5. architectural space intervention

    by mayer+empl subscribed to

    128 Videos / 12 Followers

    Multimedia art duo Martin Mayer and Quirin Empl specialize in interior and exterior 3D video mapping - an art form that uses the architecture, shape and conditions of the room to project moving images,…

  6. Detuned Pixels

    by DMrd Art subscribed to

    3 Videos / 14 Followers

    Οι Detuned Pixels είναι ένα audiovisual project δύο ατόμων, της visual artist/graphic designer DMrdArt…

  7. installation / projection /

    by AK/83 subscribed to

    27 Videos / 22 Followers

  8. interactive installation

    by Mike Kotsch subscribed to

    243 Videos / 165 Followers

  9. Proceduralism

    by Andy Moorer subscribed to

    1,789 Videos / 2,669 Followers

    A showcase of procedural computer graphics, where computer software and artistry meet. Particle systems, procedural models, and visual effects achieved through custom scripts and software are showcased…


    by barry barrera subscribed to

    288 Videos / 1,149 Followers

    The new art of Film creation, a new place for the new DSLR FILM MAKERS, where learning and creativity meets.

  11. MadMapper

    by GarageCUBE subscribed to

    166 Videos / 1,286 Followers

    Dedicated to projects created using MadMapper, a simple and fast solution for mapping projections onto physical surfaces. Made by the creators of Modul8 GarageCUBE and the masters of projections mapping…

  12. Strukt Showcase

    by Strukt subscribed to

    47 Videos / 29 Followers

    Here I post videos that describe the body of work my company, "Strukt Design Studio", based in Vienna, does.

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