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I am a professional graphic designer with a passion for still and moving imagery. Different Voice is the visual communications company I have been running since 1995, and Different Video was set up in 2011 to offer complementary film and motion graphics services.
While I like to explore new ways to create things, using new technologies and techniques, I also like to look back now and again to some of the old, more traditional ways of crafting my skills. Sometimes you just have to get down, get on with it, and get dirty!
I have a constant thirst for things which can only help improve the application of my ideas and my quest to find out more about a whole variety of creative subject matter – image composition and manipulation, cinematography, editing techniques, typography, colour grading, motion graphics, music making, etc – it's all a never ending and fascinating journey. The more I know the more I want to know, and all that, and my daily meanderings through the pages of books and on the internet open up chapters which I know I will never be able to finish.
The persuasive power of good storytelling never ceases to enthrall me. I have a really bad habit of sneaking a peek at the last few pages of books I'm interested in. I'm a real sucker for happy endings :)


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