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DiggersList is the online construction classifieds.

In the summer of 2007, Matt Knox (co-founder) was working as an insurance broker for contractors when he began notice a common problem in the construction world. Time after time, Matt found that most of his clients would finish up their jobs and be stuck with excess materials and
supplies - which would inevitably fill their garages, sheds, closets (...and lives) because there was no good place to get rid of it.

Matt smiled and said, "I can not only solve your problem, but I can make it FREE!", and he teamed up with his brother, Johnnie Munger (co-founder), to begin work on what would soon be the best online resource for contractors and property owners. For several months, Matt and Johnnie meticulously sketched out the plans for a site that would start as a classifieds for contractors, but that could grow into a full multi-tool web application to suit all the needs of the construction world.

Now DiggersList has matured into a site that covers all the day to day needs of contractors, including free job leads, service promotion, and classifieds.

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