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  1. 02:58:43

    Digiday Publishing Summit | Europe

    by Digiday

    12 Videos

    Digiday continues the European expansion of our Digiday Publishing Summit franchise. November’s DPS Europe will gather top international publishers to discuss the opportunities and challenges…

  2. 03:15:17

    Digiday Webinars

    by Digiday

    3 Videos

  3. 02:18:18

    Digiday Publishing Summit | Vail

    by Digiday

    19 Videos

    March 17 - 19 Vail, CO

  4. 05:36:01

    Digiday Retail Summit | Scottsdale, AZ | January 29 - 31

    by Digiday

    20 Videos

    The New Shopping Experience: 81% of Americans use the Internet on a near-daily basis. Over half of U.S. mobile phone users are smartphone users. There are 49 million monthly Twitter users and 198…

  5. 01:43:26

    Digiday Programmatic Advertising Breakfast

    by Digiday

    6 Videos

    Publishers and the Rise of the Machines: Programmatic advertising has become a necessity for publishers who can harness ever-more data to target audiences and, thanks to online ad serving, can deliver…

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