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DIGIPOST has been established as a leading post production company for over 15 years in Singapore and is now headquartered in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. Our dedication to creative collaboration with our clients and making each project outstanding has been recognized by the industry, with award wins such as the 2008 Phoenix Awards for Digipost Singapore and the Golden Bell Advertising Awards 2007 for Digipost Vietnam.

DIGIPOST Vietnam has been operating in Vietnam since 2005. Owing our origins to Digipost in Singapore, which was the first non-linear post-house to open in 1994, we have continued our heritage in the specialization of the digital workflow, which has now gone mainstream in our business.

We have gained tremendous market support and clients have come to appreciate the high standards that are achieved with the convenience of a one-stop venue.

Our studios have also been evolving creatively and we now boast a range of services that include Editing, Colour Grading, 3D & Visual Effects, Animatics & Illustrations, 2D Design & Motion Graphics and Music Composition & Sound Design.

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