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The excellence in esthetic dentistry will never be achieved by chance, but consistently from a systematic approach for diagnosis, communication, treatment planning, execution, and case maintenance. Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a multipurpose conceptual protocol that provides remarkable advantages: it strengthens the diagnostic abilities through an extra-and-intra oral esthetic and structural evaluation, improves the communication between the team members, and enhances the patients’ visual perception, education, and motivation, increasing the effectiveness of case presentation and acceptance.From patients' selected meaningful pictures and videos, the DSD ethically involves the patients in the restorative or smile enhancement process, making them the "co-author" of their treatment, sharing objectives, responsibilities, and expectations with the restorative team. The results are significantly improved once it integrates the restorative technical requirements with the emotional needs, predictably outlining the path to establish a natural, confident, and beautiful smile.

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