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Hey!! This is Chrissy aka Christa.. and yes I'm a lesbian..♥
I am Chrissy, Chrissy is me.. I'm a 20 year old internet hoarder.. I'm addicted to anything Grey's Anatomy or Glee and I love writing.. I like to watch Grey's Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Glee, Greek and other boring tv shows on a daily basis's.
I'm annoying, sarcastic, geeky. People think I'm quote unquote CUTE. But I'm a huge bitch and they just dont see it. I swear constantly, my favorite word most days is fuck or shit. I sleep all day and I'm up all night. I am the human owl.
The internet highway is my life, lets just say you'd have to pry my laptop out of my old dead fingers if you wanted my attention for more than a moment.. Unless you're extremely hott ;)

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