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diNMachine is an electronic experimental rock band from New York. diNMachine uses live instruments and synths along with recorded samples in richly layered, propulsive, genre-defying and very danceable tunes. DnB at its core with elements of noise, motorik, jazz, Afro-pop, post-punk, 60's lounge and salsa, it's like the best, most adventurous alternative radio station you've ever heard (without the commercials).

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  1. Wild Torus
  2. Mark Werlin
  3. Bigtimers
  4. WXPN FM
  5. Full Pull
  6. La Casa Encendida
  7. Unsound Festival
  8. Alrealon Musique
  9. Plug Research
  10. Adelaide Festival
  11. Elektra
  12. PAS Musique
  13. Alexander Chen
  14. Skaņu Mežs
  15. Hanson Records
  16. Club To Club Festival
  17. Coachella Festival
  18. MUTEK Mexico

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