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Dirk Rauscher is a cologne based auto-didact artist and designer, whose current practice spans vjing, digital art, print- and motion graphics design, live performances and installations.

Since 1998 he spend most of his time crossing almost every media to visualize the world of music. From classical Photography and record cover design to scripting websites, filming and editing videos, he started focusing on animation in 2D and 3D.
Over the past ten Years he was producing Broadcast Design for different european Television Channels and animation commercials, while his alter Ego was on Tour together with Kjell Rijntjes as VJ-Team BRUNO TAIT to visualize Clubs and Stages all over the World.

The way of starting as an auto-diddact and being surrounded by musicians all the time, was creating a situation which describes most of all the interdisciplinary work of Dirk Rauscher. Somewhere between art, design and visual technologies.

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