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Disboot is a music label from Barcelona, which from 2008 has been a cradle for both new local talents such as Downliners Sekt, Cauto, C156, Dr. Res and Uxuka as well as international names such as Offshore, Filastine and Suckafish P. Jones. Committed to taking risks and dedicated to musical innovation, Disboot is synonymous with quality electronic music that goes far beyond styles and trends.

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  1. No-Domain
  2. Paul Trillo
  3. Saman Kesh
  4. Mau Morgó
  5. Ninja Tune
  6. antonia folguera
  7. discontinu records
  8. marcialAV
  9. A F
  10. Aphro
  11. senmove
  12. Fizic
  13. Leo Bassik
  14. jeanpoole
  15. boomnoise
  16. elemental
  17. Keysoundrecordings
  18. jordicabes

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