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At Discovery Doodles, we believe in immersing yourself in creativity everyday as well as being a Creator of Change in the World.

By providing graphic facilitation, graphic design and coaching as our primary services, we are able to bring creativity to every project.

Over the past 15 years, we have worked with hundreds of companies from the top Fortune 500’s to non-profits and have seen thousands of people light up when they realize they can draw and bring their ideas to life.

As a network of Artists & Facilitators, we channel ideas, dreams and visions into graphic visuals. These images enable individuals and teams to see their work in a new way so they see the connections and related actions more quickly and easily. Graphic facilitation allows people to discover fresh insights and inspiration.

We are on a mission to give everyone permission to explore and express their creativity. When you fully immerse your life in the creative process, you are connected to your self, your work, your family and your purpose.