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DISTRUKTUR is Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn, brazilian artists and filmmakers living in Berlin.

Film works by DISTRUKTUR include the medium-lenght CAT EFFEKT, shot in Moscow in 2010, which received the Best Film Award in the Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife, the shorts TRIANGULUM, shot in Cairo in 2008 and premiered at the Berlinale Forum Expanded, and ÉTERNAU, that has been screened and awarded in several festivals around the world in the last 7 years.

In recent years DISTRUKTUR´s works have being shown in cinemas, galleries, museums and alternative spaces. The duo has presented the film performances ÉTERNAU ALTERSTEREO, FLUXUS ET REFLUXUS and PLAYING NEAR THE END, as well as the installations GUERRERO, LUX INTERIOR and POSTCARDS.

Recent projects are the work with Ensemble Mosaik, which gave birth to a series of films shown as multiple projections at the PERSPECTIVE MATTERS concerts, presented in the club Berghain in Berlin; a major exhibition
titled FILMESPERFORMANCE at Paço das Artes in São Paulo; and the collective exhibition RITUAL ROOM at the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.

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