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«I can ‘t get no sleep». Because she has no time. At 24 years old, with the soft sound of the streets of Liege in her blood, Divine is hungry to grow. She started as MC for Dub-Timus and flag bearer for Drum ‘n Bass near the Meuse. In 2011, Divine star- ted her solo career, being influenced by the recent changes within the UK musical scene. After a quite lunatic first MixTape called HYBR/D and a hugely successful music video published on the Web, Divine is currently working on her future album. Praised and encouraged by various people within the music industry such as ZineB, Vega, THX1983, Bust and even System D, Divine is influenced not only by the UK musical scene but also mainly by Dub and Hip-Hop. She adds her own personal touch, which makes her style more noticeable and helps her confirm her position within the business. Vibing to Bristol’s musical style, the beautiful half-angel blows a fresh musical breeze to Belgium, ready to energize music festivals and concerts. Divine is serene, and re- presents day after day this new wave which fractures established styles. Because she only has the time to make you vibrate.

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