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I've been diving for over 4 years and have qualifications in SDI OW, Advanced, and Rescue to TDI Intro to tech, Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox, Solo diver, Sidemount diver as well as Apnea Freediver Course A and currently undertaking a CCR Air Diluent diver on a ISC Pathfinder, as well as over a years experience diving with twins. I have graduated with a Diploma in Photography, and also a BA in Design and BCOM in Management and Marketing. My passion is underwater Videography and Photography. I currently shoot on a Canon 5D Mark 3 in Aquatica Housing with Mangrove video lights and Sola light. My 5 year goal of which I am now in year 2 is to get myself to a professional level of underwater videography. All the courses I undertake is all to further my opportunites in underwater Photography. I eventually want to sell stock footage on a website and would love to use my writing skills to match with my photography in a photo journalism field or travel opportunities for a diving magazine. I am an ocean Conservationist at heart and enjoy every aspect of diving. I only eat sustainably caught and managed seafood which usually equates to the odd Oyster or Mussel because that is my way to do something to combat the forever growing problem of unsustainable commercial fishing and overfishing, trawling of ocean sea beds and bycatch. My goals also include educating young people about the ocean, which I have started to do with schools following my blog and my vimeo channel.

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