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DJ 720 believes that for every action, there’s a reaction.
This simple trade-off should represent a little more than a DJ playing a song and someone dancing to it. It’s the challenge of making you get out of your element and feel comfortable and rage out in his. That’s the reaction 720 is looking for.
Inspired by Q-bert and Hawai’i’s own DJ Elite, the former B-boy Reunion DJ champ returns the favor by teaching the next generation of great Hawai’i DJs as an instructor at Musical Youth of Hawai’i DJ School at Kalihi YMCA.
While rockin’ a crowd is something that this Crossfade Disciple takes personal pride in. There’s something just as rewarding.
‘If I see one of my students do their thing at event that’s good for me,’ he said. ‘That makes me just as happy as if I were doing it.’
His busy weekly schedule includes spinning twice a week at Moose’s (Tues. and Wed.), and Red Lion WaikI-kI- (Thu. and Fri.) and weekend stops at Tsunami’s WaikI-kI- (Sat.), Lulu’s (Sat.) and Scruples (Sun.). Check him out and be ready to react.
–Kalani Wilhelm"

DJ 720s first battle was at the 2000 Streetcar Showoff and he has been battling ever since. His competition highlight came in 2002 when he won the B-Boy Reunion DJ Champion title. He has since gotten back into training to perfect what he has learned and is now seeking out new scratch techniques. He got in to the art of mixing in 2001 and has been pushing to perfect his technique since then. He is currently teaching at the MYH/UDJschool, as well making mixed CDs and remixes.

DJ 720, though founded in the new school of Hip-Hop's DJ element, reaches forward through the DJ realm, with his heart staying true to the old-school DJ proficiencies. "I started off learning technical scratching techniques. Then I saw Q-Bert and Elite session and it blew my mind! The best way I can explain it, is that is was just way too funky! Here I was concentrating on fader handling and they were going off with that *plus* unbelievable vinyl manipulation. Right then and there, I just knew I had a lot more studying to do." Not only is he noted for his turntablist skills, but also for his creative and original remixes, often incorporating Asian-pop music. On his spare time, he is a "scratch instructor" for a non-profit DJ school for teenagers, located in Honolulu . "I wish I had the resources that these kids have now-a-these days. On the real, Hip-Hop blessed me & this is my way of giving back to it. I really enjoy instructing."

His personal goal is to have fun and to continue to enjoy Hip-Hop in it's entirety. He feels he has achieved many of his goals and is content with his accomplishments.

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