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Only those who are firmly convinced of their personal style and their own passion can afford to experiment, collaborate and mix with other, without the fear of getting lost. Aladyn puts his talent on turntables next to artists and projects, which are completely different one from the other. In 1995 he won his first Trofeo Nazionale Dj Trip, and in 1997 he founded “Men In Skratch” with DJ Myke. The same year he began his radio adventure on Radio Station One with Marco Mazzoli and Andrea Montamix. In 1999 he collaborated with Jovanotti in his Cape Horn Tour and with Saturnino in his Bass to the Bones Tour. In 2000/2001 with “Men In Skratch” he won twice in a row the DMC TEAM title, partecipating to the world’s DMC TECHINCS WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIP finals in London. In 2003, always with his partner DJ Myke, he reached the second place of the ITF EASTERN HEMISPHERE european championship in Prague and together they created various projects in the italian and overseas music business, like Piante Grasse, Hocus Pocus and The Reverse. This last one was edited in England by Copasetik Recordings. In 2005, with DJ Myke, he opened the Prodigy concerts and later he became part of the Rezophonic project, founded by Mario Riso; everything was always carried out simultaneously with important radio projects such as "B-Side" with Alessio Bertallot and "Tropical Pizza" with Nikki, both broadcasted on Radio Deejay. In 2010 his new project Scary Allan Crow was created. In this project he experiments sounds inspired by “exploitation movies. This noun is derived from the verb ‘to exploit’, which can be translated as taking the most advantage of the elements available to him, to squeeze their juice.
His music is ferocious, cynical, unfair, unpredictable and elusive!Today ..... Dj Aladyn in V.H.S (Video Home Show) is an innovative new live and glowing, impact, which combines thousand kinds of music and visual worlds of yesterday and today to become a unparalleled audiovisual experience.
1995 1st Italian Dj Trip Contest
1997 3rd Dmc Italy
2000 1st Dmc Team Italy
2000 Dmc World Team Finals
2001 1st Dmc Team Italy
2001 Dmc World Team Finals
2003 2nd Itf Eastern Emisphere

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