Chad Kremer aka Kinesis

Minneapolis, MN, USA

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Chad Kremer has been playing music for crowds since he was a kid. Starting in his pre-teens, Chad began playing the guitar, then bass guitar, and then drums. Chad would soon begin home studio recording, which would bring him into the world of drum machines, sequencers, and samplers. Chad's new found love for the manipulation of electronic sound would soon seal his fate ... as Kinesis.

In the mid 90's Chad Kremer would become known as Dj Kinesis. Mixing anything from Jungle to Trance, Kinesis began captivating audiences with his intense display of speed, accuracy, and unique fader tricks. As Kinesis's mixing became more intense, so did his track selection ... Kinesis was finally home ... in the land of Techno.

In the late 90's Kinesis began to broaden his horizons even more, and joined an alternative rock band called Citizen P. Kinesis would add live scratching, samples, and keyboards to all Citizen P's songs. Citizen P would go on to add an auxiliary percussionist (congas, didgeridoo, etc..), Kinesis along with the auxiliary percussionist, would perform live with Citizen P at every show, and soon enough Citizen P started to climb. Citizen P earned such gigs as, SUMMER FEST (Guinness Book of World Records, for the World's Largest Annual Musical Event), Mountain Dew Stage, Milwaukee, WI., USA, and opening up for numerous national acts, including; Eve 6, Citizen King, and Union Underground. Citizen P went on to produce two full length studio albums, and one full length live album, "Live at Summer Fest".

In the late 90's while Kinesis was working with Citizen P, he began to meet a grip of club owners in Wisconsin, USA, who were interested in bringing the electronic music scene to their clubs. Kinesis, with the help of his partner, Bent, would soon create the Dugout Brothers. The Dugout Bros. Would go onto to promote multiple monthly club events, with an average attendance of about 300. Kinesis would provide the clubs, the DJ's, and his intelligent lighting, while Bent would provide the decorations, the flyer design, and his sound. The Dugout Brothers would soon become a self contained unit, able to rock a party, any time, any where.

With the arrival of Y2K, Kinesis would expand once again, this time by opening the record store called, "Bounce Records". With the help of an extraordinarily talented and knowledgeable staff of DJ's, Kinesis would go on to supply the Wisconsin, USA, scene with everything from the gear at the show, to the records which would give the party life.

Chad is currently devoting most of his efforts to producing in the studio, and continues bang'n'beats and astounding crowds all over. Chad Kremer, aka, Kinesis, is definitely a Dj on the move, this DJ can, and will, absolutely ... Bring It!

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