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DJhere Productions, LLC is a premier marketing and management group in the nightlife, day-life and entertainment industries, serving the luxurious markets of San Diego and Las Vegas. With over 11 years of experience in creating, consulting and executing unique, innovative events and marketing campaigns for some of the nations top venues, DJhere Productions delivers unrivaled exposure and results to its clients.

Whether it’s creating an eye-catching design, producing an artistic video, recruiting the most affluent patrons, or reaching an active audience, our team prides itself on developing the highest-quality entertainment while redefining lifestyle. Since partnering with the largest nightlife marketing and management group – Angel Management Group/Angel Management Music Group- our brand has gained a presence in the more than 21 venues our partners control and operate in Las Vegas.

DJhere Productions utilizes its strategic partnerships and nontraditional marketing techniques to wed the best the industry has to offer, emulating European style, Las Vegas energy, New York sophistication and Los Angeles glamour. Our savvy team has an eye for style and is focused on jumpstarting industry trends.

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