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Robbie Jay was born in North-Vest of Transylvania - Romania,in a multicultural city near the Hungarian border.He grows up as the son of a actor,spending his childhood in theatres being always in contact with artists,scene and the crowd,wich became vital ingredients of his life.From the age of 14,he watched the Rave scene of the 90’s and the EDM festivals,wich influenced him to be a professional Dj.Having his own radio show at the one of the renowned local FM radio stations since 2000.Having a collection of hundreds of vinyls,Robbie started to playing in the clubs Techno,Funk,House,Progressive and its substyles.Being a perfectionist,he broadcast weekly his live Dj sets at his new radio show called Plastic Dj.Like as a dynamic person in the year of 2005 he founded Party Dj Team to promote new talented Dj’s,making bookings for foreign artists and organizing a party series called Plastic Nigh with exclusive guest Dj’s playing only on turntables.He invest all his time and energy to make always the best possible performance.In 2006 started a new chapter in his life,he got the chance to play at the biggest Hungarian open air festival - Budapest Parade and at the oldest Romanian EDM festival - Delahoya.In the same year he is the Winner of the First Place in Techno section at the Stick'Em Up - Dj Contest in Bucharest.Robbie’s Plastic Dj radio show enjoying in 2007 the nomination at NIGHTS.RO Awards - Best radio show profile clubbing in Romania in 2006 category.When Robbie decided to go in Portugal for new influences,he becomes in short time a very popular Dj with more residence in Lagos.He got the chance making the after party for the renowned open air EDM festival in Portugal - Algarve Beach Party,with Dj’s like: M.A.N.D.Y., Dj Vibe, Dj Patife and more.At the end of the year he got another interesting European country invitation,this time in Slovakia.Since 2008 he was constantly on the road to festivals and clubs.The significant places like: Highlander Hall (H), RGB – Lagos (P), Kralovsky Chlmec (SK), Studio Martin (RO), Delahoya Festival (RO), House Parade Festival (RO), Hard Force Festival (RO),helped him for self formation.Playing with International Top Dj’s like: Marco Bailey, Nathan Coles, Marko Nastic, Shlomi Aber, Jay Lumen, Lucca, Misa Salacova, Simina Grigoriu, Vicky Montefusco, Yoji/Biomehanika and more,maked clear Robbie is successful and got the professional recognition.Releasing his first music production at Skills Records on the Compilation CD of Delahoya festival gave him the opportunity to appear with other top Romanian Producers like: Mihai Popoviciu, NTFO, JASC, OK Corral and more.After these positive experiences,Robbie makes his base in studio with his friend ReDub to start a his musical project,getting success and a good reputation as a Producer too.In the year of 2010 Robbie got a new nomination at the NIGHTS.RO Awards - The best breakthrough in Romania in 2009 category and also another one in the same category in 2011.After these important chapters in his career,Robbie continues playing sets at venues with Techno and Deep-Dark sounds combined with Dub,Groove,OST and Classic music.Working continuously in studio,to grow up his discography and also producing for radios his official podcast - Moonvibes.

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