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  1. DePaul Animation Lodge

    by Lynda Rollins joined

    58 Videos / 50 Members

    Hey DePaul animators! Share your work here!

  2. ANI356 Experimental Animation - Fall 2011

    by Alexander Stewart joined

    50 Videos / 15 Members

    DePaul University School of Cinema & Interactive Media

  3. ANI260 Motion Graphics - DePaul CIM - Spring 2011

    by Alexander Stewart joined

    71 Videos / 21 Members

  4. ANI260 - Motion Graphics

    by Alexander Stewart joined

    119 Videos / 25 Members

    Class group for ANI260 Motion Graphics, DePaul CIM, Winter 2011. Instructor, Alexander Stewart.

  5. ANI201 Animation I, Fall 2010

    by Alexander Stewart joined

    178 Videos / 30 Members

    Instructor: Alexander Stewart

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