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The powerful hand of divine providence is already guiding the career of gifted young actor and model, David Kenneth Sommerville. This one-to-watch talent is quickly making a name for himself in front of television cameras, on runways and on stages up and down his native East Coast. Raised by a single –parent father in East Port Terrace, a low-income area of Annapolis, David spent most of his early life without his mother, who battled substance abuse. Role models and teachers, who recognized the gifts of the good-looking kid from the neighborhood, kept him on the straight and narrow. Born confident, with only an elementary school play on his resume, some modeling and no formal acting training, the naturally gifted actor walked into an audition in Silver Spring, Maryland for an MSNBC re-enactment series of the D.C. Sniper saga and secured a lead role –- beating out hundreds of more experienced actors. “I almost didn’t do it,” says David. “I did not want to be typecast as some gun toting thug, but it’s a story that needed to be told.” His performance was very well-received and resulted in a slew of offers. Later, David began training with acting coach Mel Williams after receiving a referral by actor Michael Kenneth Williams. Attracted to inspired works, David secured a lead role in the Historic Annapolis Foundation’s regional theater tour of award winning “Project Run-A-Way,” which led to the “Freedom Bound” exhibition at “Historic Annapolis Museum.” Not content to wait for his ship to come in but to swim out and meet it, David’s aspirations include more film, television, theater, and modeling work. He is currently single and resides in Baltimore, MD.

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