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[dNASAb] has a BFA in Sculpture/ Mixed Media from Florida State University, and participated in the International Summer Residency at the Experimental Television Center, Owego, NY (2006), where he worked with the "Wobulator," Nam Jun Paik's pioneering video synthesizer. In 2010, [dNASAb] was awarded a scholarship at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, New York, and an Artist's Residency at the Institute for Electronic Arts, Alfred University, New York. He was recently an Artist Honoree at the BRIC Contemporary Art Gala, 2010, "Brooklyn Art:Work". [dNASAb] has exhibited widely in the past ten years, including exhibitions in New York, Moscow, Basel, Barcelona, Berlin, Seoul, Netherlands, Austria and Paris. The artist created a 16-screen video sculpture "Screenscaping Berlin _ Ästhetik des Verfalls; Design for Electronics Sterben" in Berlin, Germany for Cyberfest 2013, as well as participated in the Mykonos Bieniale "Crisis + Paganism" 2013, Mykonos, Greece. [dNASAb] curated the show "Colliding Complexities_ Extreme feats of the New York New Aesthetic" 2012 with a corresponding Panel discussion at Pratt University. He produced a solo installation of new works at Volta, New York (March, 2011), and a solo exhibition in New York with Frederieke Taylor Gallery (2010). He presented his work in the "Art Salon" Art Basel Miami Beach 2009. His work has been published in the Washington Post, Sculpture magazine, Art Papers magazine, ART 21, Reuters Television and many others. [dNASAb] also maintains "Video Art Explorer" an academic resource project which is an online compendium of artworks created utilizing video as a raw material. The artist lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and is primarily represented by Frederieke Taylor Gallery.

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Video Art Explorer_ "... documentation of artworks exploiting video as a raw material"
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