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Doctor Blossom - Life as Medicine

At Doctor Blossom we are passionate about sharing global knowledge in service of truly affordable and sustainable health care. Through our website,, we offer online Ayurvedic consultation & cleansing, products, and events.

Ayurveda is a natural healing system from India that has been successfully practiced for thousands of years. Ayurvedic treatment is carefully tailored to the individual. By examining a person’s constitution, current symptoms, diet and lifestyle, the physician designs a treatment to relieve symptoms as well as to develop and maintain optimal health. Ayurvedic medicine excels at treating chronic illness and imbalances.

We invite you to become a part of a culture that values health as a foundation for leading a fulfilling life, nurturing family and community, and living in balance with the planet.See More

Our mission is to nurture a community of people who value health as a foundation for leading a fulfilling life and who understand that the health of the individual, the community, and the planet are deeply interconnected.

What we offer online at
1. Individualized Ayurvedic Consultation and Cleansing Programs
2. Tools for Defining and Organizing your Personal Health Goals
3. Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medical, and Modern Nutritional Products
4. Educational Resources and Events with experts like Dr. Scott Blossom, Dr. Robert Svoboda, Dr. Claudia Welch, and many others
5. Ayurvedic Cooking Videos and Slow Food Activism

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