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Florence, KY

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Just your average misunderstood misanthrope. I'm a musician, writer, producer, and general film buff. I love music and film, but I enjoy the entire world of entertainment. I am an ordained Interfaith minister, and I have a great love for history, politics, physics, and philosophy. I am divorced and have a beautiful daughter, who makes my life worth living. I have been on a break from the world of music and film making, but I hope to be making a return soon.

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  • Scary Entertainment - Though mainly focused on horror, many other influences tend to appear. This is the basic hub of all of my projects and those of friends. Many interesting interviews from both musicians and actors can be found there.


  1. Isabel Peppard
  2. Yves Huy Truong
  3. Twisted Twins Productions
  4. dave sussman
  5. Vulgaras
  6. The Dollyrots