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I'm called Baby, Mama, Mema, and just plain Donna. I love God, my family, and friends. For the most part life is good, but when it isn't Jesus holds me close. My love for Him tugged three books out of my blinking cursor: Temple Sweepers, Come Saturday Morning, and Everyday Heroes. Come on over to my place at and just sit a spell.


  1. LPV
  2. The City Church
  3. UpWords Ministries
  4. The Hub
  5. LifeWay Media
  6. Landmark Church
  7. Church of the Highlands
  8. The Church at Brook Hills
  9. J. Allen Dunn
  10. Britt Burns

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  1. I'm from Alabama. I so get this!
  2. Donna Jackson commented on GRACE
    It's all we need. Love it!