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Denver, Colorado

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Being born in 1993, Don Perion is one of the youngest artist's emerging out of his city. Though young, his dedication and hard work ethic has got him placed as one of the music industries quickest growing artists. Don Perion first developed an interest in music at a very young age. After being exposed to some of the greatest artists in the Hip-Hop industry growing up, Don Perion became focused on creating a name for himself in that very same industry. At the age of 14, Don Perion wrote his first solo song titled, "Pure Uncut" but did not release it. Don Perion continued to study other artists and hone his skills at song writing until he felt he was good enough to make an impact in the music industry.

That moment came in September of 2010 when Don Perion decided to take his music to the next level and ended up starting his own record label named, Forbez Records. At only 17 years old Don Perion began signing other local artists to help them get their own name established. With Don Perion receiving over 1,000 email submissions a month with artists wanting to get signed, this helped gain Don Perion a massive amount of attention both locally and nationally. He took advantage of this and began hosting local Hip-Hop shows.

In March of 2011, Don Perion was performing at his first big show as an opening act for 1017 Brick Squad member, OJ Da Juiceman. In just five months after Don Perion first return to stage, he was contacted by BSM and was offered a management contract by the Atlanta-based label. Shortly after, Don Perion announced that he accepted the offer and became one of the first hip-hop artists out of Denver to be pushed by a major brand. Don Perion was first released to the world with his hit single, "My Story" whiched featured Brick Squad Monopoly artist Haitian Fresh. Don Perion continued to write and push his music but with things like the death of RoseMo and Slim Dunkin, Don Perion was put on the backburner until his contract would be up in August of 2012. Don Perion decided that he would not renew his contract.

Since then, Don Perion has played at many known venues such as Cervantes, Casselman's, The Fuego Event Center, and many more. He has also graced stages with artists such as OJ Da Juiceman, Young Buck and many more. Don Perion has not only built a massive fan base in the streets, but online also. With over 140,000 Twitter followers and over 50,000 views on all of his Youtube videos, Don Perion is pulling in numbers of which many celebrities can't pull in.

In April of 2013, Don Perion joined the enviable league of celebrities to receive the Verified status from the popular micro-blogging social network, Twitter. Don Perion is currently the only Hip-Hop artist out of Colorado to receive this status. Don Perion is currently working on his second mixtape, "The Wait Is Over" which he will be releasing independently. At only 19 years old and with growing success I am sure we are going to be seeing a lot more great things from this young CEO.

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