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Door 24 Agency:
Door 24 Agency is a communications strategy, public relations, conference planning, and special event company. We focus on educational, non-profit, political and lifestyle events, and campaigns.

Door 24 Magazine: focuses on showcasing content, photos, and video of anything and everything related to social and economic issues of today, public relations, litigation pr, communication strategy, politics, education, non-profit Info, and nerdy fashion. Hope You Enjoy! Check out The Door 24 Agency at and learn more about what we do. For everything lifestyle that we feature, check out

The Citrus Life:
Bold. Classic. Sweet. Tangy. Gritty. Faded. Fun. Urban. City. Sticky. Colorful. Bright. The Citrus Life Blog is all about entertaining, food, fashion, beauty...basically anything that encompasses your everyday lifestyle and with a sweet flair.

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