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Dorian Mono – manager, music producer, composer, author of songs’ text, producer of music video clips. Creative director of the Festival Polish Video Clips Yach Film. Earlier he was know as Dorian Gray, Ultrasound and Alchemic. The artist is also an originator and founder of DMS Creative People. The originator and author of the projects CyberYach and xxx.
In 2009 he appeared on social network music platform known as MegaTotal which fans have collected resources to launch 4 CDs what is a record in Internet. Thanks was issued ‘MASKPACK’ – included 4 CDs. In 2010 Dorian Mono was the producer of Devin Style’s debut CD ‘Include’ and created an electronic intepretation of the song ‘Rafał’ for EP (Extended Play) Cracow’s band ‘Tourette’.
In 2011 Dorian Mono started a project called ‘Demons of the vanity’. The project is a music fairy full of dark and horrible tales which main characters are children who live in their own bad world. Boy who is prostitutes, mother who sells daughter for alcohol, another boy who has to kill people because so adults want to and the victim of pedophilia who becomes an executioner – they are characters straight out of the real world.
A lot of tales are based on authentic stories which Dorian Mono has heard when he talked with young people. These facts show nasty life – children’s life. The dark form of this project create mixture of styles and interesting diversity of interpretation like: melorecitation, soul vocals, hip hop rebellion and strong rock voice. Olga Matylda Woźniak (NuSoulCity), Devin Style, Marek Jackowski (The Goodboys, Maanam), Marek Sośnicki (Tamerlane), Artur Szuba (Inni), Maks Szuba (debut), Adam Kita (Tourette), Sławek Sumski (Snakegarden), Fishi and Special Guest – they are group of incredibly talented brave singers who decided to plan with difficult themes. In order for this project fans have gathered record funds through social network music platform MegaTotal.
Current physical discography:
Moth - (2010) as ultrasound
Playa – (2010)
Hermit – (2010) as ultrasound
Miles' Club - (2011)
Maskpack - Moth/Playa/Hermit/Miles' Club (2011)
Demony próżności (2013)

Current digital discography:
Demons of the vanity (2011)
גולם (2012)
Witches from Witten part 1 (2012)

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