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Ever since childhood I've practised various means of expression and it is by chance and as a self-taught person that I started photography in 2007. Then, I have been quickly interested in the production of video clips and VJing, which allowed me to give to my work a more dynamic way.
I made this learning "on the job", with guidance, advice and criticism from various professionals.
Many projects (productions, screenings, publications, exhibitions, etc..) have been completed or are underway.
I have also developed a multidisciplinary approach, in particular through generative art installations (mixing audio and visual creations).
I am the artistic director for the collective of artists « l:ed » dedicated to digital arts (
I offer visual (photographic and video) exhibitions with the possibility of transdisciplinary installations / performances (video, music, literature), etc. I experience now with Exomène ( an installation of "generative music" developed directly from still images, with an interactive approach with the audience.
I participate and make performances mixing reading, video and music.
Finally, I work in the writing of short texts (news, scenario, etc..) related to my images in the prospect of a draft publication or screenings.

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