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  1. Installations

    by Justin Lincoln joined

    1,908 Videos / 723 Members

    changed from video installations. Let's include sound installations and whatever else might fit in the installation category.

  2. Physical Computing

    by Tangible Interaction joined

    746 Videos / 587 Members

    In the broadest sense, means building interactive physical systems by the use of software and HARDWARE that can sense and respond to the analog world. Please just add videos that meet this criteria. Also…

  3. vvvv

    by Philipp Steinweber joined

    745 Videos / 1,327 Members

    vvvv is a toolkit for real time video synthesis. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can…

  4. Creative Technology

    by Pablo Marques joined

    2,867 Videos / 970 Members

    Aggregating work that demonstrates the creative potential in the use of technology.

  5. Experimental Space

    by Eduard Haiman joined

    1,321 Videos / 2,242 Members

    Experimental architectural spaces, landscape, interior, lounge, area, art-space, virtual space. Experiments with environment, movement, function, technology, visual characteristics, forms, interactions.…

  6. CreativeApplications.Net

    by CreativeApplications.Net joined

    4,265 Videos / 3,425 Members

    Apps that Inspire! OSX, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Web Apps, Flash, Physical Interfaces, Max MSP development, Processing, openFrameworks and anything else... Please join + add screencasts of apps+projects…

  7. Academy of Fine Arts Saar (HBK Saar)

    by HBKsaar joined

    45 Videos / 21 Members

    Sharing and discussion platform for students and alumni of HBK Saar.

  8. The Cinema 4D Channel

    by Michael Szabo joined

    5,324 Videos / 2,612 Members

    Upload anything Cinema 4D related: tutorials, examples, inspirations, etc. Feel free to show off your stuff, maybe tell how you did a particular something.


    by vj granda joined

    1,777 Videos / 758 Members

  10. Cinema 4D

    by Matt_See4D joined

    18.8K Videos / 7,594 Members

    Largest Maxon Cinema 4D place @ Vimeo (unofficial). This group welcomes all Cinema 4D & BodyPaint3D users, C4D artists and CG enthusiasts. - Upload your C4D tutorial videos and videos based…

  11. Projection mapping

    by Mauro Pace joined

    966 Videos / 1,170 Members

    The best projection mapping

  12. Light & Mapping

    by Manuel Creignou joined

    2,086 Videos / 998 Members

    This is a group about projection mapping, L.E.D and lighting system.

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