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Aaron Gibbs is a Musician, Producer, and an Engineer whose life of music began at birth. He grew up as a musician first, eventually expanding to production in high school. During an English class in his sophomore year at Frank Sinatra School of The Arts (FSSA), he met fellow classmate Taylor Jones, and after hearing a mixtape he put together, began building with the upcoming artist. Aaron thought he would take a shot at production, being skilled in playing many different instruments at FSSA.

That day, the two went to Taylor's apartment where he was first introduced to the production program, FL Studio. From then on, he self-taught himself to be the producer that he is today, using the moniker Double A as the official producer name.

As the years went on; he has added engineering to his versatile skillset of being a Musician and Producer. In addition to producing music; he's now also recording and mixing projects for various artists in the NYC Tri-State area and beyond. Under the publishing name Double A Hit Music (ASCAP), he has placed several songs on gospel rapper Richie Righteous’ record label "R.I.C.H. Records" (R.I.C.H. Boys, Staci, etc), Army of Regime Music Group, Leon Timbo (Riverphlo Entertainment), and more projects still pending.

Double A Hit Music’s motto is simply this; to "make music from the heart that touches the soul".

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