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Los Angeles

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DOUGLAS C. WADLE (b.1977): composer, scholar, and performer

Wadle's compositional activities are rooted in the American Experimental tradition, frequently featuring extended just intonation and alternative notations. He also draws upon experimental literary and theatrical practices and his studies of auditory and visual perception, logic, and philosophy (of language, mind, and art) in the creation of his works.

He is a performer (primarily on trombone) of recent composed and improvised music. In addition to his work with various musical ensembles, Wadle was also a member of The Unbuttoned Sleeves (a transdisciplinary improvisational quartet under the direction of dancer/poet Simone Forti), which created five evening length works between 2005 and 2010.

He studied Comparative Literature and Music at New York University (BA), Ethnomusicology at the University of California, Los Angeles (MA), and Music Composition, with James Tenney at the California Institute of the Arts (MFA). He is currently completing an MA in philosophy at California State University, Los Angeles and plans to pursue a doctorate in that field.

Wadle's scores are published by Plainsound Music Edition ( He co-authored the book Unbuttoned Sleeves (Beyond Baroque Books, 2006) with Simone Forti, Terrence Luke Johnson, and Sarah Swenson. His visual art scores, Amphiboly and Logos prior Logos, are included in the anthology, Notations21 (Mark Batty Publisher, 2009). He is a contributing editor for (The Open Space Magazine). His music has been recorded on Exit Records.

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