Downtown Shopping Centre

Auckland CBD

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Why hello there!

We know you’re mega busy. And that’s why we’ve dedicated Downtown Shopping Centre in Auckland CBD to helping you out.

Starting with your lunchbreak. We’re determined to save you precious time by making things a whole lot easier for you. Around the centre there are loads of services that will help you get your errands done so you can get to relaxing quicker.

We’ve worked hard to make sure that in your hectic lifestyle, you can actually eat lunch, and eat lunch well. There are loads of choices no matter what you’re after, whether it be a nutritious salad, comfort food, or a little 3:30pm treat.

If you’re doing a bit of adventuring, we’ve got everything Cruise Ship passengers and tourists need. Make the most of your time in the City of Sails with our souvenir shops, free wi-fi and money exchange.

And if you’re more of a local keen for a bit of weekend adventuring, visit the city via ferry or train, then stop into Downtown Shopping Centre for a spot of shopping. The Britomart transport services and Ferry Building are right across the road so all you’ll have to do is hop on and hop off.

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