Six Fours les Plages

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Going to the end of the effort through a unique Stand Up Paddle adventure, with common goals such as pushing one’s limits, sharing, suffering, passion, the unknown...

These are the words that will bring together the best athletes of Stand Up Paddle downwind discipline for a long one day "downwind" trip on the Mediterranean sea. There's a waiting period set up in March/April and even later in 2013.

On the initiative of SPORT ATTITUDE and OPEN OCEAN MEDIA, a diabolical run of about 30 miles will be set up between La Ciotat and Hyères, pending the worst conditions of wind and sea that will lead the riders to the end of the effort. Because the Holy Grail is not only limited to competitions, podiums, titles or glory, but it is certainly possible to approach it by living a unique experience between the elements and its mind, and by pushing the limits in order to reach the exceptional.

THE RIDERS’ goals: finish the race by taming the raging elements, their fears, their pain and their tears.
OUR goal: bring together the best athletes on an incredible race, bring them to the end of their addiction and make you dream with us!

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