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  1. Go Green

    by Mary Moppins joined

    23 Videos / 17 Members

    anyone interested in green cleaning: environmentally friendly cleaning products, practices and alternative solutions. help each other with cleaning tips to be eco-conscious.

  2. Save our Environment

    by Dot Eco joined

    2,162 Videos / 1,148 Members

    The initiative has the official support of leading scientists, ecological and philanthropic groups, as well as high- profile environmentally conscious individuals. Our goal is to use the .eco…

  3. Seven Days Without Plastic

    by Zadi Diaz joined

    60 Videos / 138 Members

    Can you go one day w/o plastic? ...Three Days? ...Seven Days? Document any attempts to curb your plastic in-take. Or document anything that has to do with reducing your plastic consumption. You…

  4. Do Your Part

    by Terri Bennett joined

    26 Videos / 23 Members

    Small steps can make a big impact when it comes to conserving natural resources, using less energy and generating less pollution and waste. Learn how easy and economical it is to do your part and…

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