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Since 1994 our business has changed dramatically.

From a small training company servicing clients in the Inverness area we now have a pool of over 500 of the best business brains in Scotland. People who can really make a difference and who are passionate about what they do. Whether it’s training, advice or consultancy and from SMEs to large public sector clients our team wants to make a difference.

From our training roots we have established a digital media production department. Capitalising on the growth of the web and particularly video, it’s all about applying a creative approach to communicating a message. A skill we have always focused on when delivering our training programmes.

But behind all of what we do has always been a strong foundation, our admin team. Without them nothing else would work and our customers recognise this. But rather than have customers poach our great team we now offer their services through our business services package.

You can buy into the DP approach which has worked so well for us over the years and that is one thing that hasn’t changed.

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