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Greenville, North Carolina

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Dr. Bret Wickstrom is obsessed with helping and education the Greenville, North Carolina area about real healthcare. Dr. Bret Wickstrom sees most of his new patients come in or become interested in chiropractic care as a result of neck pain, back pain, sciatica, headaches and migraines. However, Dr. Bret Wickstrom strives to help these people with more than just pain relief. He works diligently to open their eyes to farce of our current medical systems obsession with symptoms. The public is sick of seeing no other options available to for their neck pain, back pain, sciatica, headaches and migraines. Dr. Bret Wickstrom helps them to see that chiropractic should not be the alternative but the first choice for health. Medicine seeks only to cover up the symptoms and pain but not correct the cause of it. Whereas corrective care chiropractic, as practice by Dr. Bret Wickstrom at I Heart My Spine Chiropractic, removes interference in the nervous system to allow the brain and spinal cord to be able to better communicate and function and heal. This can only be done via the chiropractic adjustment.

Parker University (Previously Parker College of Chiropractic)
Bachelor's Degree, Health and Wellness, General
2014 -- 2014

Parker College of Chiropractic
Doctor of Chiropractic, Health and Wellness, General
2005 -- 2009

Northern Michigan University
Sports Science
2001 -- 2005
Activities and Societies: Football Scholarship Athlete

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