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DreamCatcher Films希望在攝影產業中打造一種新的商業合作模式,我們不安於只是將攝影定位為影像記錄,而是融合行銷廣告的精神加以擴張攝影意義,化被動為主動。你可以說我們是攝影團隊,也可以在這個團隊的註解加上行銷、創意、設計等keyword,只要您想得出來,任何不可能都會是可能! 而我們很友善的邀請您到DreamCatcher Films的工作室坐坐,你會發現我們能做的,比你想得更多!
DreamCatcher Studio hopes to build a new business cooperation model in the photographic industry, we are disturbed at just Photography positioned as image recording, but the integration of Marketing Advertising to expand the spiritual significance of photography, and regain the initiative. You can say that we are photography team with marketing, creativity, design, as long as you have the nerve, any impossible would be possible! We friendly invite you to have a cup of tea in DreamCatcher Studio, you will find we can do a lot more than you think!

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