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Greencastle, IN

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I'm a media researcher who has been interested in media production and distribution for more than 15 years. I am currently raising a family and considering the future of media and the role that I will play in the fall of media consumption as we have come to know it. I love to explore the outdoors with a video or photo capturing device. I have come to understand that the stories that can be told from two random pictures are greater than a string of images put together with careful consideration and the meaning of any image is nothing without what the viewer attaching her view to it.

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  1. This featurette is great, I can't wait for the new film, Carty. Wanted to also share the new "fan-T"...
  2. Oh, I remember what I was thinking while I watched this. I'm inspired by this. Seeing your work inspires me, in fact, it reminds me of who I am. Thank you.