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Known as consistently producing high quality projects, DREAMS ON SCREEN has brought a new edge to what a faith based project can look like. The company was formed with a passion to change lives through FILM, MUSIC and MINISTRY.

Dreams On Screen productions takes dreams and turns them into reality. No holding back. Dreams On Screen productions compliments any project with conceptual designs that are guaranteed to be innovative, memorable and thought provoking.

Dreams On Screen is sure to become the premier film and video production company for Christian entertainment. Headed by film and video director Joel Kapity, Dreams On Screen Productions continues to shine with innovation and creativity. The team is formed of the best talent in Chicago. Dreams On Screen has accomplished a variety of heart moving projects of all sizes since 1999. The goal has always been to create amazing work while connecting people and changing lives.

Joel Kapity continues to impact people with his innovative concepts and cinematic direction. Known for his camera angles and bold visual imagery, Kapity has become one of the most sought out directors in Christian entertainment.

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