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I am creative professional with diversified experience in broadcast, digital, and traditional media. Focused in new media, digital imaging, video, and design. An effective designer of large projects and big brands, with a successful record of quality and diligence.

Most of my days consist of brainstorming weather or not He-man could beat Conan The Barbarian in a cage match. The other portion of my job involves leading development of Creative in for new media ventures. From viral videos to off beat print campaigns to development of a core new business pitch format, it comes in waves and ends in victory. The ability to concept, art direct, and produce all forms of digital and traditional media has elevated the necessity for heated ping pong matches at work. I’ve worked directly on clients such as Land Rover, Toshiba, Dodgers, Mattel, Southern California Edison, Southwest Rapid Rewards, Jenny Craig, Hilton, and Invisalign. Now only if I can decide if Kit from Knight Rider is in fact an early version of a Cylon...

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