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Producer, Editor, & Casting Director
All works on this page have been edited by Drew Roublick

New York City Ballet
Singapore Dance Theatre
Westside Ballet in Santa Monica, Ca
Chanel No. 5
The Lonely Tai Tai
Casting Reel

Drew was born and raised in Bronx, New York.

He began producing shows at the age of 16, his first producing credit was for The Talent Show at Archbishop Stepinac High School.

At the age of 18, Drew founded a dance company called the SUNY Plattsburgh Dance Corps, which became the focus of his undergraduate career. Under his care and guidance, Dance Corps became one of the largest and wealthiest organizations at SUNY Plattsburgh. The company is a permanent addition to the campus and is still experiencing success today.

Drew's lifelong love of dance and producing served as the basis for admission to NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia, the new cutting-edge campus for Tisch in Singapore. As one of ten students selected worldwide for the International Media Producing MFA program, Drew was trained extensively in all areas of media production. More importantly, TischAsia was an arena where Drew would be exposed to new philosophies on contemporary media and how to create & market content without borders.


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