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Drones4You is the biggest and more equipped company for aerial videos and photos in Brazil at the same time we sell the Best Brands on the Market.

In our Hangar we have:

1 Cinestar 6 with 2 axis Gimbal
1 Cinestar 8 with 360 Gimbal
1 Cinestar 8 with 2 axis Gimbal

As for the Cameras , we use/have:

Several Go Pro's , Hero 1 , Hero 2 , Hero 3
Canon 60D
Canon 7D
Canon 5D MK3
Sony Nex-5
Sony Nex-6
Sony Nex-7
Sony CX-760

All to provide our customers with they expected needs !

For training classes we use a Mikrokopter Hexa XL

Of course that we still have 1 Workshop for the repairs in Guarujá

Out tutorials are World Wide Famous and we are always available to help people with they Multirotors , if you are not completely pleased with the results and flying characteristics of your multirotor , send us an e-mail , we will try to help you.

If you need a better machine , an upgrade , or just some training , mail us , we can arrange your trip here to Brazil!

Our website is drones4you.com

Best Regards


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