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  1. 28:24


    by Drones4You.com

    4 Videos

  2. 01:35:00

    Cinestar 6

    by Drones4You.com

    8 Videos

    Details of the Cinestar 6 by Drones4You ....

  3. 25:26

    Equipment we test and give our opinion !

    by Drones4You.com

    3 Videos

    Some of the equipment we put on test every day here in Brazil.

  4. 28:06

    Gaui 500

    by Drones4You.com

    2 Videos

    Here some video footage of my Gaui 500 A TOY just for relaxing flights!

  5. 00:00

    Cinestar 8 - Showing some of our Pollution Control Equipments

    by Drones4You.com

    1 Video

    This are some samples of flights made by myself in order to show some of my family business ! With the Cinestar 8 we don't have to use any more Helicopters to make the aerial footage of our…

  6. 01:43:22

    Cinestar 8 & MKTools Setup

    by Drones4You.com

    16 Videos

    My channel on Youtube have many persons asking TIPS and TUTORIALS about the Configuration of the Cinestar 8 , here are some of the videos that I made.

  7. 10:25

    Cinestar 8 Videos

    by Drones4You.com

    4 Videos

    This are some videos made my Cinestar 8!

  8. 46:06

    Mikrokopter Hexa XL

    by Drones4You.com

    5 Videos

    Flights from my Hexakopter XL

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