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I’ve been around the CG industry for more than 10 years, creating advertisements, computer games, television shows and presentation clips for various media channels and customers.

In the past I led and managed graphic teams, both in Israel and abroad, a position that required planning flexible and efficient work flows while maintaining the highest quality possible. Developing proprietary tailor made production tools that meet both artistic and production needs.
Today I’m providing freelance services to various Post Production houses, Animation Studios and Companies in Israel and worldwide.

Services include:
* CG supervision and management of projects
* Consulting, Teaching and Developing efficient work methods and techniques
* 3D - modeling, texturing, Rigging, Animation, Lighting and Render
* Video editing, Motion Graphics and Compositing (combining digital graphics, effects and animation on top of existing video)
* Designing and planning presentations (power points, flash, html)
* Logos, Prints and Websites Design

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