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Dr. Trevicia Williams is a psychologist, author, former Texas child bride, and, highly sought after speaker with over a decade of academic studies in human behavior. Dr. Williams has been seen on Oxygen, Lifetime, Lifetime MovieNetwork, CourtTV and featured on radio shows! She has worked with, coached and spoken to individuals and diverse groups of people for over 18 years. Dr. Williams’ client base has included both small and large organizations, including, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Arbonne International, Project Head Start, The University of Houston, Disney World Executives, Girl Scouts of America, and, North Harris Community College to name a few. She has also served on the speakers’ bureaus of community based organizations such as Women's Center and Planned Parenthood.

Her passion for helping others optimize their potentials also inspires her to travel across the U.S. motivating and inspiring them to fullly discover who they are.

It all starts from within. Her inside out approach has proven to produce measurable results in the lives that she has touched.

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