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Director, producer and editor of documentary film, television & video. Credits include national and regional broadcast documentaries, public service announcements and episodic television series. Winner of industry awards including Southeast Regional Emmy Awards, Houston Worldfest Remi Awards, and Telly Awards.



  1. Kenn Kington
  2. Big Dog Productions, Inc.
  3. Modest
  4. Stuart Atkins Films
  5. Pete Kane
  6. Stanley Leary
  7. Craig Miller Productions
  8. Chris Helton
  9. Philip Bloom extras
  10. Whitestone Motion Pictures
  11. North Point Media
  12. Vincent Laforet
  13. Brothers Young Productions
  14. Soteria (Vimeo)
  15. Bradley Peck
  16. Treynolds3
  17. Kyle Prohaska
  18. Tim Kwiat

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