Dan Lussier

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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  1. Ian Wright
  2. Kitware
  3. Center for Contemplative Mind
  5. ISSP UOttawa
  6. MaRS Discovery District

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  1. Sure thing!
  2. Ok - that's great news. Thanks Ian.
  3. Hi Dan, the embeds will support SSL with our next player push.
  4. Ok - can you be more specific with what is being address coming out of vimeo.com/forums/help/topic:99985? For example - will the embeds fully support SSL, or are you just updating the docs to let people know that they don't? Sorry like simple.com…
  5. Hi Dan, I'm not sure yet what the issue is with this: vimeo.com/forums/help/topic:101760 and vimeo.com/forums/help/topic:99985 should be addressed with our next player push.
  6. Mark - I'm not sure if you saw my response to Ian. I would appreciate specific comment on the issues described in https://vimeo.com/forums/help/topic:99985
  7. There are no current known issues, no.
  8. Ok - just to probe a bee further: I notice in the FAQs at vimeo.com/help/faq/embedding#https that HTTPS embeds are still in Beta. Beyond the need to match the domain and embed HTTPS, are there other known issues with the current beta? For example:…