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Duilio Scalici was born in 1994. He's a director, painter, stop-motion animator and musician.

He made official music videos for: Bologna Violenta, Simona Gretchen, The Barbacans, Nut, Bar Noir, Gli Ebrei, Who is Boro?, Chester Gorilla, Caronte, Giudi, Rick, The Loves.

Among these, the video “The Barbacans – Time for the choice” end up in the finalists of the Premio Italiano Videoclip Indipendente 2010, next to names such as Max Gazzè and Il Teatro degli Orrori.

He did various exhibition, both personal and collective, some of the most important were: Palazzo Fatta (2010, Palermo), La Cuba (2010, Palermo), Ex Noviziato dei Crociferi (2010, Palermo), Centro Espositivo Sloveno (2011, Venezia), Galleria Caffè Guerbois (2012, Palermo), Galleria Il Nuovo Cenacolo (2012, Palermo).

In 2011 he forms a band, named Caronte, partecipating as drummer and sogn writer. In the same year the band publishes the first namesake ep, produced by Pogoselvaggio Records of Torino.
In 2012 their debut album “Red, Blue and Green” comes out, produced once again by Pogoselvaggio Records.

After hearing about the project “Palermo Capitale della Cultura Europea 2019”, strongly wanted by the assessor Francesco Giambrone, he decides to join the initiative, organised by Ninni Spanò, which consists in a intinerant exhibition in various commercial and hotel of great valuable in the centre of Palermo. He expoeses his artworks in the space “San Filippo Acqua&Materia” during December 2012 and in “Mercure Palermo Center Hotel” during January 2013.

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